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OTA ESP32 GUI Makes Updates Simple

One of the disadvantages of having cheap WiFi-capable boards like those based on the ESP32 is that you have to update them. If you have even a few in every room of your house, it can be a pain to pull them out and connect them to a cable for …read more

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ESP32 Becomes Music Player In Under 40 Lines of Code

The demo code for [XTronical]’s ESP32-based SD card music player is not even 40 lines long, though it will also require a few economical parts before it all works. Nevertheless, making a microcontroller play MP3s (and other formats) from an SD card is considerably simpler today than it was years …read more

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Hackaday Podcast 071: Measuring Micrometers, the Goldilocks Fit, Little Linear Motors, and 8-bit Games on ESP32

Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams fan through a fantastic week of hacking. Most laser cutters try to go bigger, but there’s a minuscule one that shows off a raft of exotic components you’ll want in your bag of tricks. Speaking of tricks, this CNC scroll saw has kinematics …read more

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Building an ESP32 Smart Power Strip from Scratch

Surely the most straightforward way of creating a smart power strip would be to take an existing model and hack in some relays that you could fire with a WiFi-enabled microcontroller. But where’s the fun in that? Instead of repurposing a commercial power strip for his recent project, [Md Raz] …read more

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Sparklines For Your ESP32 Projects

On a typical microcontroller project we may only have access to a relatively tiny screen. Information display can be a challenge, but it’s one that may be made easier by [0xPIT]’s ESParklines library for Espressif processors using the Arduino framework.

A sparkline is a simple line graph without annotations (like …read more

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Tiny Laser Cutter Puts Micro Steppers to Work

The influx of cheap laser cutters from China has been a boon to the maker movement, if at the cost of a lot of tinkering to just get the thing to work. So some people just prefer to roll their own, figuring that starting from scratch means you get exactly …read more

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Rolling Your Own LED Matrix Driver, With Copper Foil Tape to the Rescue

It all started when [Damien Walsh] got his hands on some surplus LED boards. Each panel contained 100 mini-PCBs hosting a single bright LED that were meant to be to be snapped apart as need. [Damien] had a much better idea: leave them in their 20×5 array and design a …read more

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Is that an ESP32 on Your Wrist?

What could you do with a dual-core 240 MHz ESP32 that supports Arduino-style programming, with 16 MB of flash, 8 MB of PSRAM, and 520 k of RAM? Oh, let’s throw in a touchscreen, an accelerometer, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Besides that, it fits on your wrist and can show the …read more

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ESP32 Trail Camera Goes the Distance on AA Batteries

There’s no shortage of things to like about the ESP8266 and ESP32, but if we had to make a list of the best features these WiFi-enabled microcontrollers have to offer, their power management capabilities would certainly be near the top. Which is how we assumed [Mark] was able to take …read more

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Tired of Fruit Ninja? Try Vegetable Assassin Using an ESP32 Sword

In a world where ninjas no longer rule the social hierarchy, where can a ninja-wannabe practice their sword fighting skills? In the popular Introduction to Embedded Systems class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a team of students made their own version of the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja with …read more

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