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Help Us Throw More Cycles at the Coronavirus Problem

The Hackaday community has answered the call and put their computers put to work folding proteins found in the coronavirus. Team_Hack-a-Day ranks #44 in the world so far this month, and I’ve seen us rank as high as #19 on 24-hour leaderboards.

Want to join the fight? Donate some of …read more

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GPU Turned Into Radio Transmitter To Defeat Air-Gapped PC

Another week, another exploit against an air-gapped computer. And this time, the attack is particularly clever and pernicious: turning a GPU into a radio transmitter.

The first part of [Mikhail Davidov] and [Baron Oldenburg]’s article is a review of some of the basics of exploring the RF emissions of computers …read more

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Java On GPUs And FPGAs

There was a time when running a program on an array of processors meant that you worked in some high-powered lab somewhere. Now your computer probably has plenty of processors hiding in its GPU and if you have an FPGA, you have everything you need to make something custom. The …read more

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Fake Graphics Cards And How To Fix Them

When shopping online, there’s plenty of great deals out there on modern graphics hardware. Of course, if you’re like [Dawid] and bought a GTX1050 Ti for $48 from Wish, you probably suspect it’s too good to be true. Of course, you’d be correct.

[Dawid] notes from the outset that the …read more

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