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PHONK – A Hacker’s Fun Shortcut To Android Programming

As the common myth goes, the average human utilizes only about 10% of the true potential their smartphone is capable of. Especially when it comes to electronics projects, it seems that we often overlook how we can integrate and take advantage of their functionality here. Maybe that’s not a big …read more

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Does PHP Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough?

In June, 1995, Rasmus Lerdorf made an announcement on a Usenet group. You can still read it.

Announcing the Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0.

These tools are a set of small tight cgi binaries written in C.

Today, twenty five years on, PHP is about as ubiquitous …read more

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What’s the Deal With Snap Packages?

If you follow Linux news, you’ve probably already heard about the debate over snap packages. Developed by Canonical as a faster and easier way to get the latest versions of software installed on Ubuntu systems, the software has ended up starting a fiery debate in the larger Linux community. For …read more

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Simulate Your World with

We will admit that we often throw together software simulations of real-world things, but we’ll also admit they are usually quick and dirty and just dump out text that we might graph in a spreadsheet or using GNUPlot. But with, you can quickly generate simulations of just about anything …read more

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Ask Hackaday: Are 80 Characters Per Line Still Reasonable In 2020?

Software developers won’t ever run out of subjects to argue and fight about. Some of them can be fundamental to a project — like choice of language or the programming paradigm to begin with. Others seem more of a personal preference at first, but can end up equally fundamental on …read more

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Samsung’s Leap Month Bug Teaches Not to Skimp On Testing

Date and time handling is hard, that’s an ugly truth about software development we’ll all learn the hard way one day. Sure, it might seem like some trivial everyday thing that you can easily implement yourself without relying on a third-party library. I mean, it’s basically just adding seconds on …read more

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Programming in Plain English

Star Trek had really smart computers, that you could simply tell what you wanted to do and they did it. The [Rzeppa] family has started a plain English compiler. It runs under Windows and appears to be fairly capable.

Plain language programming isn’t exactly a new idea. COBOL was supposed …read more

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Adding WiFi To Black Magic For Wireless GDB Action

[Thoquz] wrote to us about an interesting GitHub project by [Valmantas Palikša] involving the porting of the Black Magic firmware to ESP8266. For those who are unaware, Black Magic Probe is firmware along with a range of official and third-party boards that targets the debugging of Cortex-M and Cortex-A MCUs …read more

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Poking Around Inside of a Linux Security Camera

This deep dive into the Linux-powered Reolink B800 IP camera started because of a broken promise from its manufacturer. When [George Hilliard] purchased a kit that included six of the cameras and a video recorder, the website said they were capable of outputting standard RTSP video. But once he took …read more

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Writing Android Apps in C, no Java Required

Older Android devices can be had for a song, and in many cases are still packing considerable computational power. With built in networking, a battery, and a big touch screen, they could easily take the place of a Raspberry Pi and external display in many applications. As it so happens, …read more

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